Monday, December 27, 2010

Water Aflamed 1.0 is now available

Water Aflamed is a free water footprint calculator for iPhone® using virtual water concept.

With Water Aflamed you may see how much water your standard of living is requiring.
Surprisingly, this is not at home that best water sparing may be achieved.
Several good steaks are swallowing as much water as a small swimming pool !

This takes into account the principle of virtual water.
Data is based on the work of the WaterFootPrintNetwork and covers 12 countries and 3 domains: Agriculture, Industry and Home.

Application is easy to use, with a nice interface.
Browse dozens of items, enter your weekly or annual consumption (automatically saved) and see the result on a graphic.
A small note gives explanations on the calculation along with footprint value for the world and selected country.


Links to virtual water or water footprint concepts:
- Wikip├ędia
- Water Footprint Network

Spare water with your iPhone !