Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water Aflamed v1.4 introduces water efficiency eco-label

Water labelling

A new function called "Shopping" is helping you doing a more sustainable market in terms of fresh water resources preservation.

Choose a food product, a country of origin and see a label going from A to G.
The label is measuring the impact on local water resources during production.
Water effciency eco-label for iPhone

The calculation is taken into account 3 factors:

- the water footprint of the product
Meat requiring more water than vegetables.

- the quality of the water used
Green (rain) water being more renewable than blue (irrigation) and grey water (pollution from fertilizers).

- the water available per capita in the country of origin
Growing food in Canada has clearly less impact than in semi-arid countries like South Africa for instance.

Other features added:

- performances improvement on the water footprint calculator
- the menu has been reworked somehow
- a mini guide is present on each major function
- products have been reorganized
- some minor data fixes